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Positive or Negative Cycle?

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Its been a very long time since my last post here. Through this period, I was very busy with my work that I was travelling here and there practically almost everyday. Each day is filled with different workloads or decision making to do. Stress level was manageable but my body was feeling the stretch of things.

However, what I realized through this period was this…

  • A good positive action will lead to another positive action and soon a positive vicious cycle can be created. Vice Versa applies.¬†

During this busy period, I reduced my exercising workout to almost nil in between two of the weeks. It has been a long time since I led through any sort of “lull” period. I realized that my cravings for junk food increases! I was looking out for fast food restaurants, ice-creams etc. I was giving myself extra excuse not to squeeze in time to exercise. Any free time was simply spent on resting. I realized one action lead to another. As a result, I became feeling worse, extra fatigue and¬†lethargic. My belly was proof of my actions! Arghhhhh….

I knew I had to take actions soon. As the workload ease off a bit, I had to restart my exercising regime. My body has to be re-introduce to the rigors of the previous exercises I was doing. I had to start afresh. What I realized strangely was this, whenever I exercise, I look forward to eat cleaner food! I soon found a pattern in this and now I’m looking to correct my previous wrongs.

Its strange but true. Will it apply to you as well? Try it and look to continue that good cycle of actions and thoughts. Persist over a period of time and notice if there’s any changes. Let me know ūüôā


Exercise Ball with Dumbbells!

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After a couple of busy days, I finally got to catch some workout! I used my exercise ball and set of dumbbells to do a quick 20-minute workout. As usual, quick but yet intense workout.

1) Thruster into Squat with Quick Row (7kg x 2)- 5×2 Reps
2) Front Lunge with Kayak row (7kg) – 5×2 Reps
3) Chest Press on top of Exercise Ball (7kg x 2) – 10 Reps
4) Slow Standard Pushup 5x
5) Single Leg knee tuck Pushup Hold (R) – 10 Reps
6) Single Leg knee tuck Pushup Hold (R) – 10 Reps
7) Leg Raise into Crunch (See-Saw) – 10 Reps

Little or no rest in between
Complete 5 Rounds
I complete in approximately below 20 Minutes

LCB Workout (Legs/Chest/Back)

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Nothing but a good LCB workout in the morning. This is how I worked my Legs, Chest and Back quickly within 15 mins. 

– Side Hops x 30 Reps
– Dumbbell Clean (Right) (10kg) x 10 Reps
– Dumbbell Clean (Left) (10kg) x 10 Reps
– Side Hops x 30 Reps

– Wall Hang Pushup Hold with Leg Crunch x 10 Reps
– Plyo Pushups x 10 Reps
– Wall Hang Pushup Hold with Leg Crunch x 10 Reps

– C Hold One Hand Resistance Band Row (Right) x 10 Reps
– C Hold One Hand Resistance Band Row (Left) x 10 Reps
– Pull ups x 5 Reps
– C Hold One Hand Resistance Band Row (Right) x 10 Reps
– C Hold One Hand Resistance Band Row (Left) x 10 Reps

Little or no Rest in between
Complete 3 rounds for Time
I completed approximately 15 Mins

Single Leg (Piston) Squat

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One of the toughest Squats to do – Single Leg Squat (Piston)

Main Muscle Group(s): Thighs, Hamstring, Butt, Core

– You will be squatting using only One Leg.
– Keep your soles fully flat on the ground as you lower yourself down as shown in the 2nd picture above
– Balance yourself as you focus on using the whole of your thighs to lift yourself up back as shown in the 3rd picture.
(See the “agony” / strain shown in my facial expression?!)
– Once you can lift yourself up halfway, the rest is easy.

Safety Measures:
1) For a start, using a chair behind you to practice half single leg squat. Do progressive training
2) As you get stronger, you might want to use a wall or something that you can hold onto first.
3) This is advanced exercise. Train yourself well in normal squats first

Inverted Pull Up

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Inverted Pull Up

Main Muscle Group(s): Back, Arms

– With Chest directly under the bar, use your hands to hold the bar shoulder width apart
– Exercise is to lift yourself up as shown in the picture
– Focus on using your back muscles and arms to lift your chest as close to the bar
– Once executed, slowly lower yourself down

Safety Measures: 
1) Tighten your core throughout the execution
2) Keep your body straight as you execute
3) Do not fall off by letting go unneccessarily

Hip Raises

October 8, 2012 at 6:02 am | Posted in How-to-Exercise | Leave a comment

Exercise on the ground: Pelvic / Hip Raises

Main Muscle Group(s): Hamstring, Butt, Core

– Lie down on the floor into a sit-up ready position
– Both hands to be placed at the side of your body
– Using your hamstring, butt and hips, lift yourself up as shown in picture 2
– Slowly control your movement back down

Safety Measures:
1) Keep your Core tight as you lift yourself up
2) Control your movement downwards. Do not drop and hurt your back

For Increased Difficulty:
1) Execute Pelvic / Hip Raise on a higher platform as shown in picture 3 & 4
2) Execute Pelvic / Hip Raise without support of hands at the side
2) Execute Pelvic / Hip Raise on a Exercise Ball

Cleaning of Blood in just 6 weeks!

September 26, 2012 at 4:58 am | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment

What is the main functions of our blood?

  • Transport Oxygen: From lungs to other parts of our body
  • Transport Nutrients: From food to other parts of our body
  • Transport waste: To be processed at our kidney/liver
  • Maintain our body temperature through blood circulation

That is how important our blood is. However, our blood can be “infected” by the food, air and many environmental factors like radiation from our electrical items, car exhaust, work & family stress. The list goes on….

With poor circulation, you feel fatigue, exhausted, because oxygen cannot be circulated to your body parts as efficient. With poor transfer of nutrients, you either become too thin or too fat. Either you can’t absorb the right nutrients well, or you absorb unwanted “rubbish” into your body. If your kidney or liver is stressed by all the dirty stuffs that’s in your body, fatigue sets in, poor sleep and general productivity dips.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that our blood is maintained as clean as possible. Here’s my case scenario (dated 1 June 2012):

Picture 1:

It was a sign of me pretty dehydrated and signs of poor circulation.







Picture 2:

Can you see that some cells look blurry in the background? It was signs that my cells were not healthy. It was breaking down too easy or my bone marrow was not producing enough healthy cells.






Picture 3:

On the right of the picture, can you see a huge greenish patch? Guess what, of a person at my age, I have such huge cholesterol patch there! Talk about being healthy on the outside but not enough healthy on the inside.






What I did? I bought a sleeping system (mattress pad, quilt, pillow). And after 6 weeks?!

Picture 1:

You could see that my blood is much “nicer looking” here. Nice, clear rounded cells.







Picture 2:

With only 6 weeks, it is not the end. Could you see that some cells are “bottle-cap” like shape? Those means it is attacked by free radical. Radiation from our handphones, electrical appliances that we come in contact so often.

However, the general outlook is still much clearer. No blurry patches.





Picture 3:

Again, this picture is definitely more clearer, although there are some signs of lumpy cells at the left side of the picture.







Personally, it is an amazing feeling. First to see how bad I was in the beginning, and after 6 weeks of using the sleeping system, how it helped to clean my blood better. Health and Fitness encompasses various factors, from exercising well, eating well, it includes very much sleeping well.

This is what I believed all along and I have finally found one that could address my sleep and my health at the same time. Prevention is much better than cure. Want to know how you could start doing prevention and keep your general health in check, contact me! I am most willing to share with you. I want to help. But the question is, are you willing to help yourself?

Morning Dash

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While people are dashing for trains and buses early on Monday morning, I am doing my own version of MORNING DASH right at my home completely my workout. I used a bit of accessories this time. Thought I combined a few items to do this. TRX, Resistance Band, Dumbbell, Gliding Disc. 


1) TRX Single Leg Squat (Left) x 10 Reps
2) TRX Single Leg Squat (Right) x 10 Reps
3) Resistance Band Side Raise Hold РStanding Chest Press x 10 Reps
4) Standing One Arm Dumbbell Row (Left) Р12kg x 10 Reps
5) Standing One Arm Dumbbell Row (Right) Р12kg x 10 Reps
6) Gliding Disc Pushup Hold РSide Sliding Knee Tugs x 10 Reps

Little or no rest in between exercises
Complete 5 Rounds for Time
I completed in 15 Mins

Barbell Combo

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I did the following workout in 30 mins. I went to the gym. There were 3 guys there already working out. After 30 mins, they are still there, while I completed my workout. One guy was focusing mainly on his shoulder, sitting on the bench trying to lift as heavy as he can, but long rest in between. Two guys who were friends would do a set, following by a couple of minutes of talking and playing on their I-Pad. Well, the 4th guy is not too bad. He focused on his chest and tricep, only for me to observe at one exercise he did his Cable Triceps Pulldown wrongly (-_-). 

Anyway, my point here is to carry out an effective workout:
1) You need not be carrying the heaviest of weights
2) You need not stay in the gym for hours to be effective
3) Rest Time is important. The longer it is, the less effective it will be.
4) Execute your exercise correctly or else Injuries will follow you!

I did the following workout and I tell you, I am aching on my back/hamstring/glutes!

Warm Up: 
– 1 round of 14kg Dumbbell Goblet Squats x 20 Reps
– 1 round of 20kg Dumbbell Goblet Squats x 16 Reps

Set 1: 
– Barbell (10kg x 2) Deadlift x 12 Reps
– Barbell (10kg x 2) Row x 8 Reps
– 3 Rounds

Set 2: 
– Barbell (No weights) Clean x 10 Reps
– Barbell (No weights) Snatch x 8 Reps
–¬†Barbell (No weights) Row + Snatch x 6 Reps
–¬†Barbell (No weights) Row + Deadlift + Snatch x 5 Reps
–¬†Barbell (No weights) Row + Snatch x 6 Reps
– Barbell (No weights) Snatch x 8 Reps
– Barbell (No weights) Clean x 10 Reps

Set 3: 
– Cable Hips Rotation (16.25kg) (Left) x 8 Reps
– Cable Hips Rotation (16.25kg) (Right) x 8 Reps
– Cable One Arm (Left) pulldown into Chest Press (8.25kg) x 8 Reps
РCable One Arm (Right) pulldown into Chest Press (8.25kg) x 8 Reps
– 2 Rounds

Blood Test (on 1st June 2012)

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Continuing on my post on the blood test, the above 4 pictures I have attached were my own blood cells. I visited Rev 22 on 1st June 2012. I got to know the lady owner from a networking event and was very much interested to know more about her product.

After her introduction, she prompted me to take this blood test (which I was game). Through the initial conversation, she showed me a couple of other cases. I thought I was healthy enough. I thought my blood would be much cleaner than those I saw.

Well, the above pictures show it all. It doesn’t need a brilliant pair of eyes to know that the 4 pictures on top ain’t looking very good.

  • They are congested together (showing signs that the blood do not regenerate itself well enough)
  • A “black” line was seen (showings signs of stress)
  • A big black patch among my cells (That’s a big lump of cholesterol – NOT GOOD!)

There are a couple more pictures, but I attached only these 4. ¬†You can say that I am surprised to see this. Seeing pictures of other person’s blood cell is nothing comparable to seeing your very own cells. The next thought was “Could this product really improve my current situation?”. I did not have any medical condition nor history. I was considered healthy and fit in the eyes of many. I long knew I wanted to invest in a good sleeping bed/system. I wanted my sleep to be good and perfect. Could this product solve my problem?

Well, the price of her product ain’t cheap. She did not force sell at all. I had time to consider. However, I must say that the session did educate me a lot more about myself. I did what I had to do. I went back and strongly consider investing in this product.

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