Being Realistic

November 15, 2011 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Fitness | Leave a comment

It is always good to dream. Dreaming of your very own luxury home, dreaming of travelling around the world without any financial worries, dreaming about getting that high paying job you have always wanted for. Dreams can push us far in the long run. The key word is long run. 

To achieve something, it is inevitable that we must pull through the tough period, learn and embrace it before we can enjoy the fruits of labour. Similarly, in the area of fitness, we could all dream to be the next bodybuilder champion, the next Miss World Universe or even have a body that matches those of celebrities. Keep dreaming but be realistic at the same time. 

Nothing comes easy (it rarely does… ). Attaining your fitness goals have to be realistic. A man weighing 125kg could not possibly expect himself to lose 50kg in a week or a month. It takes a lot of factors. Mental preparation and adaptation to a new exercise/eating plan, physical adaptation to exercise workouts and the right motivation to keep yourself going in the long run. It is the journey that counts more than the end. 

Why Must I be Realistic?
Well, we have seen many cases where people aim to achieve the sky or simply their goals are too hard to achieved within a short time frame they set. Humans feed on motivation and positive reinforcement in order to persist and improve. With an unrealistic goal, many give up fast and go back to their previous lifestyle. Other than craving for motivation and positive reinforcement, humans crave to be in their comfort zone as well. This is where nothing has change after all. To change, to improve and to see results, actions have to be done, but with a realistic mindset. 

A realistic fat loss regime ranges from 1/2kg to 1kg per week. In order to do so, it is done through good intensive (this is relative to every individual) exercise and improved eating plan. Next time, when you plan to attain a new fitness goal, dream on the final outcome, however be realistic of what your body can do to attain it.


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