Water… How much is Enough

November 15, 2011 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Eat it Right | Leave a comment

Water in our Body
A bulk of our human body contains water. Depending on a person’s size and how lean one is (A leaner person has more water in his/her body), it ranges from 55% to 78%. We ought to be well-hydrated or else many complications might follow. Losing 10% will be considered as dehydrated. However, in terms of athletics performance,  a drop in 1% to 2%  will cause a decline in performance.

How much water would be enough in a day?
Follow this simple formula:
           Body Weight (kg) x 35ml
For example, if a person weights 70kg, his/her water consumption will be:
 70 x 35ml = 2,450ml / 2.45 L

Avoid Dehydration
However, there will be a need to increase in water consumption if there is an increase in water loss in a day. For example, playing a strenuous sports game, hot weather which causes more sweating etc. The most important guideline will be to drink whenever possible and not wait till one is thirsty. To feel thirst is a sign of dehydration, that should be avoided.


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