Why “Doing Nothing” helps?

November 15, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment

Singapore’s life just gets busier and busier. We see people rushing to work, rushing to school, rushing to meet clients, rushing to catch that bus or mrt train in which another vehicle will come in the next few minutes. Are all these rushing worth it? Some may say, “I need to rush to meet that client! That’s my income generator!”, “I need to catch this mrt train! Or not I will be late for work!” 

Yes, I agree that we all need to survive. We got to get our butts up and earn the money we need for our living expenses. However, in the mist of rushing, getting stressed up, have you ever thought of just taking a mere couple of minutes to “DO NOTHING”?!  Yes, “DO NOTHING”! That’s what I’m preaching here. And I meant to simply shut down your brain and body activity for that short while simply doing nothing at all.

In one of my previous classes in SMU, an established working professional who has years of experience in Boston Consulting Group came to speak and share about his experience. This is exactly what he told us to do. 

 At different phrases of your life, it is inevitable that you might reach at a crossroad of your life, or at a point where you simply gets lost in the direction of life. Or, it could be a situation where you love what are doing now, however in the mist of being busy, you simply burnout! This is a point of time where you could actually drag yourself out of the “mess” and find a chance or two to “DO NOTHING”. 

A challenge for you: Simply stop whatever you are doing now, and simply DO NOTHING for the next 2 minutes. YES! Just 2 minutes! 
Check this link out: http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/
 I can almost bet that you will find it hard to even sustain past the 1st minute. 

 To illustrate a simple but true incident: Once, I mentioned this to a friend in SMU. I told him the significance of “Doing Nothing”. His immediate reply was, “No, No, No, How can I not do or think anything at all?! Cannot, cannot…” 

A few months later, we brought up the same topic in a different situation. He had his laptop repaired. Without it, he had fewer emails to check or reply. He has less chance to surf internet or do his research or work. He told me, “I had to wait for a few days before my laptop gets repaired. Though I can’t do work, somehow it feels nice to “escape” a while to clear out my mind” – BINGO! 

 Though the above incident did not fully illustrate the notion of “DOING NOTHING”, it shows the effect of how giving your mind a breather actually helps you pushing forward further and better. That brings up to the issue of Time Management. We often hear people say they have no time for almost everything, but do they really have no time or did they not spend their time efficiently? I will share/discuss more about Time Management in my future posts. Do check it out! In the meantime, challenge yourself to “DO NOTHING” for the next 2 minutes! 



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