Sleeping ENOUGH & Sleeping RIGHT

November 16, 2011 at 1:42 pm | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment

What are the few activities that are integral to our daily lives? Work, Eat and Sleep. While people will say that we work to earn, we earn to pay for our living. We eat to survive and we work in order to feed ourselves. Sleep is often neglected. We sleep lesser and lesser. We sleep late at nights. Or worse, we think that sleeping less will save us time for work or sleeping is a waste of time!

It is essential that YOU get the right level of sleep your body deserves! Why do I say so? I want you to avoid/ eliminate other health problems that will occur.


1.       Your body needs to regenerate and repair

During the night (when you ought to be sleeping), it is this time when various parts of your body repairs and regenerates itself. After a long day of “work”, your organs like lungs, brain, liver, kidney needs to have its deserved rest. By prolonging or delaying your sleeping time, it will not be able to recover well.

Have you ever noticed, that when you have a cough and continued to stay up till 2am, your cough only seem to worsen? Well, it’s because the recovery process start from approximately 10/11pm to 2/3am.
Simply, getting ENOUGH sleep at the RIGHT TIME is to prevent health problems.



2.       Productivity

Though it is a common to hear that we need 7-9 hours of sleep, it actually differs from person to person. When you sleep lesser than what you need (for example, sleeping 5 hours when you need 7 hours), you will feel more restless, lesser energy to cope the next day’s work attention.

With the level of energy, how could you be more efficient and productive? For some people, with insufficient sleep, they may carry them a short temper along with them as well.

Why not have sufficient sleep in order to carry out the day RIGHT!


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