Drink up once you wake up!

November 29, 2011 at 7:17 am | Posted in Eat it Right | Leave a comment


For guys who have entered into army, this routine seems all too familiar. During BMT (Basic Military Training) course, the first thing everyone would do is to drink up our water even before our breakfast. But, do any of you continue to practice it when you are out of camp or even after you ORD? For girls, have you done this before?

Guess what? Now, I hope that from now on, you can adapt to this practice: Drink up water once you wake up in the morning (even before brushing your teeth. ok, it doesn’t really matter much).

The routine may seem simple, yet odd for some people. Imagine this: you have slept for the past 7 to 9 hours. During this time, you receive no hydration at all. Your body feels dehydrated and wishes for water! Now, drinking up the first thing you wake up helps on the following:

–          Get your body rehydrated over a good night rest
–          Helps to clear your previous day/night’s toxin that are in your body
–          Kick start your body metabolism
–          Feel more refreshed, alert and ready for the day’s challenge

How much to drink then? Well, for me, currently I can drink a whole 500ml bottle of water. Of course, I did not start out that way. You can start with:

–          A normal-sized glass of water
–          Normal temperature water please
–          As your body gets used to it, Increase the intake gradually.

Try it out. Feel the Difference what a small change may make!


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