Lose Weight or Lose Fats?

December 13, 2011 at 7:48 am | Posted in Fitness | Leave a comment

Often, we hear a couple of these common phrases:
–          “I want to lose weight!”
–          “I need to lose weight in 1 month time!”
–          “I need to lose all my fats! All of them!

Our weight shows how heavy we are at a particular point of time. Now, what contributes to the figure that shows up in the weighing machine? In our body, it consists of:
–          Organs like Brain, Lungs, Intestine
–          Bones
–          Water
–          Fats
–          Muscles

We cannot change the weight of our organs or bones. Water has to be regulated or else, do you want to be dehydrated?! Thus, when we mentioned about “LOSING WEIGHT”, we ought to focus more towards:

1)      Losing Fats
2)      Gaining Muscles

I’m not saying that fats have to be totally eliminated. Well, you can’t! We need basic fat content in our body to protect our organs and keep ourselves warm. However, when we eat too much oily food, drink too much carbonated drinks, too much of fat accumulation is not good. It will increase the chances of disease, decrease your mobility and decrease your state of health. Exercise will help to lose fats!

Now, why do we need to gain muscles then? Well, in general, building good, lean muscles (I’m NOT referring to those Bodybuilder kinds) will assist in burning fats even faster. The increased metabolism in muscle gaining process helps to burn your calories even while you are at rest. YES! Even while you are watching tv, playing computer games or even reading a book!

Thus, today, when you want to work towards a healthier body, focus on LOSING FATS, GAINING LEAN MUSCLES!  🙂
On more info on how to lose fats, build muscles, and increase stamina at the same time, email me ! I look forward to help you 🙂

Let’s start losing some fats! CONTACT ME


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