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In this competitive and fast paced world, everything is done and completed in a very short time. People wants results fast!

When I come across anyone around me who said they want to get rid of their belly fat, improve their body shape and change a brand new life. It’s great! But the question is can you keep up the change? Does your body allow it? Does your mind allow it?

Take for example, Male A have not been exercising for a very long time. Long hours at work, and tolls from family commitments have made him sedentary. Now that his kids have grown up and be independent, he thought its time to regain his past glory. He was a soccer team player back in school. A full-back, he could sprint up and down the field easily the whole game through.

He decided to head back to playing soccer with his old buddies, sign up a gym membership or simply start running at his nearby park.

This is a typical scenario that I have seen a couple of times. Very good intention to get back into shape, his mind is all set for it. He buys a a couple of sporting attire, a brand new running shoe, all ready for the change. In his first run, he decided since he needs to get into shape FAST, he shall run 8km for a start. That should be a good start before increasing it the next run.

Without any warmup, he starts running and by the time 15 minutes into his run, he breaks down. His legs are dragging him down. His lungs is calling out loud for air and began slowly walking back to his starting point and back home, calling it a day. The next few days is to rest his aching lower back and hurting knees. One week off, two weeks off, it is probably a long time later before he can wear his running shoe again.

I’m not saying it is wrong to get quick results, aim high and go for it. I’m saying be realistic, take your time to progress. Our mind can set a goal, but our body might not be able to put it up. Male A have been “out” of his game for a long time. Though mentally, he remains the young boy who is able to sprint up and down across the soccer field years ago, his body have long grow old and “rusty”. Exerting too much too soon at the start might cause averse results instead. What he needs now, is some form of consistency, progress and something to look forward to next time.



Consistency: Start being active again. When I say that it means increasing his active lifestyle as compared to before. If in a week, he manages two 10-min short run, it is being more active than before. It is to get some momentum going on. “Start the engine”

Progress: Progress is to improve something from the last session. It can be just a mere 1 more minute of run or 1 km more. Take baby steps if need be to progress. No matter how small the progress is, it is better than none or getting yourself injured and keep you out for another few weeks.

Next Time: By leaving some room to improve, it give you chance and the desire to look forward to the next workout. That helps in the above two points. Your mind and body will be eager for it and nothing will stop you from going to your next run or gym visit.

At the end of the day, plan. If you do not plan this well, nature will plan it for you.


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