The Bad “Fat” Guy

January 26, 2012 at 2:38 am | Posted in Eat it Right | Leave a comment

As mentioned previously, fats are not all that bad. Our body needs a basic amount of fats for our very survival. However, consumptions of bad fats are best to be avoided. The big, bad “fat” guy here today will be Trans Fat!

There are natural trans fat found in beef and some dairy products. However, these trans fat are totally different from those artificially made. Cookies, cakes, potato chips, fried & packaged food contains these very artificially trans fat! How are they made? It is through a process where liquid oil is being hydrogenated to solidify it. The purpose? Well, to make your cookies have longer shelf life, and your potato chips taste crispy.



These artificially trans fat is not welcome by your body. Our body is not genetically meant to absorb these foreign “things” and that is one cause of the many bellies we see around. What it does as well:
–          Reduce good cholesterol (HDL)
–          Increase bad cholesterol (LDL)
–          Increases your risk of heart diseases

We should all love ourselves, love our body. Take care of it, it will take care of YOU. Reduce and Avoid the amount of trans fat you intake today!


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