Lose Fat in 30 Secs!

February 27, 2012 at 9:28 am | Posted in Fitness | Leave a comment

This method may sound strange. It is definitely not going to substitute your exercise or proper eating regime. But it helps a bit. Have you ever went to a swimming pool and dreaded to go down the water because of the cold? That is precisely what I want to simulate when you are bathing right in your house.

This came from a source that I read before. When we first jump into the pool, with the sudden rush of cold water that we come in contact, our body has to react to it and thus we shiver (This feels familiar right). Well, this shivering process will last within seconds before we are accustomed to the temperature of the pool. What was mentioned is that when the body comes in sudden contact with cold and starts to shiver, it activates our inner body fats, burning them off in the process. This is done because the body needs to be protected from the cold.

Thus, the idea here is that occasionally or everyday after our nice, warm bath, embrace yourself with a 30-second rush of cold water . Turn down the temperature and “enjoy” for 30-seconds. It is said to help. There is no harm trying. Anyway, it is just merely 30 seconds right J

Remember, the best way is still to exercise and eat healthily. There is no substitution on that!

Let’s get YOUR exercise regime started. CONTACT ME today for more discussion!


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