Going on a “No Eating” plan is WRONG!

March 29, 2012 at 4:31 am | Posted in Eat it Right | Leave a comment

Imagine this simple scenario: If one day, your house is on fire (YES! On Fire!), and you have only one chance to grab ONE THING out of the burning house, what would it be? It can be money, passport or even a memorable item that your partner gave you on your 1st year anniversary. I believe you would agree with me that the ONE THING would be something you feel you should not lose especially in times of emergency like a fire burning down your house.

Our bodies work in the same principle as well. When you want to lose weight, essentially you would want to lose those excess fats that are accumulated in your belly. However, fats are there to protect our body from cold and our organs so that they can function as well. In times of emergency, for example, your body did not receive enough food for hours or days. It will be alerted of the emergency situation. In order to save itself, it will “store” or retain fats, leaving it the last energy source to be used up. The body will allow the carbohydrates and proteins to be depleted first.

Meaning to say, when you refuse to eat or go on a “No Eating” diet, your body will retain these very fats that you want to eliminate! Talk about being efficient…

However, some who went through this does experience a drop in weight. Our body weight consists of our mass muscle as well. Most likely, muscle mass that was lost during the process caused the drop in weight. What’s worse is that often this plan fails in the short-term and your weight will bounce back even faster and higher than before. Do you want that? I’m sure not.

If this still does not convince you, well, just simply think: How long can you possibly go with eating? Forever? Think again carefully and carry out the right actions.

STOP going on hunger! START exercising. Feel free to CONTACT ME!


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