Not Enough Sleeping will not help in Fat Loss

April 30, 2012 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment


I mentioned in previous articles that having sufficient sleep is important for your health in terms of work productivity, body regeneration and repair. But do you know if you do not sleep enough, it will have an adverse effect in your fat loss regime as well? Now, that’s another good reason for you to have enough sleep.

Our lives are busy and stressful. We are loaded with plenty of work at hand and always easily distracted by the many alternative entertainment around us. Clubbing at late nights, online games, online chatting, late night movies are some of the few examples. But what you might not know is, less sleep will retain your fats even more. Yes, being lazy by heading to bed earlier is actually a very important aspect to your health.

Now how does this work?

When you do not sleep enough at the previous night, do you feel super lethargic, alert level down to the max and you feel weak throughout the day. Hormones in your body are affected because of the lack of sleep and in turn it affects one’s appetite as well. In our body, we have hormones that control our appetite and alert to us when we are full. These very hormones will be affected when we are tired because of the lack of sleep.

The hormones will signal the body that it is weak and hungry. It tells the body that it has to eat more! You will crave for food and often than not, you will eat junk food, sweet stuffs in order to keep yourself awake. So what’s the morale of the story?

It is against the saying that sleeping is for the weaklings. In fact, weaklings probably do not sleep enough.


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