Seek your Balance of Life

May 7, 2012 at 8:37 am | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment


We are born of diverse backgrounds. Some born with a silver spoon, some in harsher conditions. As we grow up and experienced different people, situations, our personality changes. Our lives are being carved out gradually.

Some chose the simple route. Some a bit more adventurous. At the end of the day, it is your life to live. Question is, is it the kind of life you wish to live? Is it a balanced one? Many I often heard various phrases like:

  • I have no choice
  • I can’t afford to do so
  • Its so uncertain
  • Oh well, its been already like this for so many years. Why change?
  • I can’t
These are typical of us when we blamed/complain that we can’t lead the kind of life we would like to. Time goes by, year by year and many still remain the same.


Work and Family (Home) is often the two situations in conflict. One work more, earn more but lack of time for family/relationship. One focus on developing relationship/family ties may forgo the progression in his/her career. Do one need to go to the extremes? Why not find the balance that is optimum to keep both sides of the coins happy.

I feel both issues are closely inter-related. Take this simple example. I build a good relationship with my family. My family offers great support in career. I can focus on my career in a productive manner. Career can improve. With career improvement, it might means more time and more money. These can then be a good basis to maintain your relationship with family.

What I see is a vicious cycle. Either positive or negative. You can replace some of the above words to make it negative. That’s how the good becomes better, while the bad becomes worse. Actively work on all fronts to improve the lives of others, in return, your life will become better. Now, I don’t mean that doing so is easy. It takes time, great effort and determination. Question is are you willing to do so or will you be saying one of the typical phrases above?

I can’t say I am in my ideal state now (I am still in my 20s), but I can say I am working towards my balance of life. I try not to use “I can’t”, “I have no choice” or “Why not do the easy way out”. As always, time will tell. Years down the road, I will probably reflect back to see whether the route(s) I chose was a right one.


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