Foam Roller

July 2, 2012 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Fitness | Leave a comment

Stretching is very important. It is important right after your workout. It is to relax your muscles and enable it to recover better. More importantly, stretching is to maintain its flexibility so as to prevent unnecessary injuries. If you ever started a soccer game or a sprint without any prior warm up, you know what it felt by the sudden tightness of your muscles and/or a twitch feeling that you might have “pulled” it.

Foam Roller is one equipment you could purchase to improve your flexibility/stretching. As shown in the picture, you are to roll different parts of your body on top of the foam roller in order to “stretch” it. For those who are wondering how is the feeling like. Well, if  you have gone to experience Thai massage, the feeling is almost the same.

Many who tried it for the first time might scream out loud of the pain it produces, especially the one depict in the picture above. The picture shows of a man who is stretching his IT band. Our IT band is often neglected because by the usual way of stretching, it is hard to reach/activate. Using the foam roller is a very good way of stretching your IT band. For some who have some knee or hamstring issues, I have had players whose main problem came from an inflexible IT band. Our body muscles are all inter-connected. One inflexible muscle will cause other muscle to overcompensate (which means overwork), which means increase risks of injuries.

There are various kinds of foam rollers around. You can purchase them mainly online through ebay or else locally some gyms do sell them. It will one of the best investments you will ever make to improve your flexibility.


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