Front Lunges

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This exercise is called Front Lunges

Main Muscle Group(s): Thighs, Hamstring, Butt

How to Execute:
– Standing in a upright position, shoulder wide apart
– Take a step slightly further forward to the front
– Keeping your core tight, and neutral back
– Bend your knees down (like the picture on the right)
– Concentrating on using your lower body to lift yourself back up into original position

Safety Measures:
1) Your front knee must not go over your front foot
(You are able to see your front foot once you are bend your knees down)
2) Do not allow your back knee to touch/hit the floor. Just before your back knee touches the ground, push yourself back up into original position
3) Keep your back neutral at all times

For Increased Difficulty/Variation:
1) Jumping Lunges: After executing the first lunge on one side, jump into another lunge to the other side.
2)  Side/Back Lunges: Instead of lunging forward, variations include lunging to the side and back. The safety measures applies the same as well.


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