Invest in Yourself

July 13, 2012 at 4:54 am | Posted in Fitness | Leave a comment

Stocks? Gold? Studies? Children?

It is a common term that people talk about. What is it out there that one should invest in? It is not surprising if one immediately links investing to something money related.

You could buy stocks in the hope that the prices rises to be sold at a profit. You could invest time and effort in your studies so that you could land that dream job that pays you well. You might even invest in your children, hoping that when you are old, they will in turn repay their gratitude back, taking care of you.

However, who has ever thought of investing in your very own health? You will definitely receive its benefits and reduce any unwanted costs as well. Why do I say so?

I have yet to hear anyone telling me that investing in health (Proper Exercise & Eating Plan) is harmful. Exercise helps to improve your stamina, increase work productivity which in turn will help in your career as well. Benefits are achieved. Taking care of health reduces visits to doctors, risks of major diseases, thus lower hospital/ surgical/recovery costs. You reduce costs as well. But most importantly, you live a better life!

So think again next time when you hear the word “investing”…


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