The idea of “Givers Gain”

July 16, 2012 at 3:18 am | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment

Through a Business Associates network meeting (where people from different industries meet regularly to exchange business ideas/contacts), I first came in contact with this phrase of “Givers Gain”. What is the main message here?

The main point here is to be generous in GIVING. Give in terms of:

  • Time: Spend the time to listen and understand what other people’s challenges are. Who knows, you might have the resources and ability to help solve them
  • Effort: If you have the ability, resources or contacts, are you willing to spend the effort to help make it happen? Sometimes a simple call is all you need to help 2 or more parties to get things work done in half the time.
  • Money: Well, not all situations must involve money. So what I’m saying here is not to forsake your hard earned money.

What I realize is this…

  • Scenario 1: If everyone waits to receive before he gives…
  • Scenario 2: If everyone gives before he receives…

What will happen in Scenario 1 is that no one will receive anything since no one will give in the first place. However, in scenario 2, you can be sure at least a person gets to receive (because someone choose to give first). This need not be a direct give and receive situation where it involves just 2 parties. What I’m saying is, if in general, everyone chooses to give first, this becomes a very dynamic and powerful situation. Everyone is helping Everyone. It will create a positive spin of things and create many beautiful scenarios. With that, as a whole “Givers Gain” situation will occur.

Have a good thought about this… Let this be the day where you start giving 😀



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