Lose Quality Sleep, You lose Productivity

August 1, 2012 at 4:08 am | Posted in Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment

We all live in a busy city. We have heard this phrase, “The City never sleeps”. Does it mean we, humans do not sleep as well?

In my older post (https://fitnessthree60.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/how-many-hours-to-sleep/), I mentioned about how many hours you as an individual ought to sleep. I hope you do get a sufficient number of sleeping hours each day. Now, I’m going to talk about the importance of the quality of sleep.

Have you ever woke up after long hours of sleep, but still feel lethargic? I hope not.
Have you ever had a “power nap” for 15 minutes and feel super refreshed? I hope you do.

You see, there is also this common phrase, “Quality over Quantity”. If you can get the best results within a shorter time, that’s quality. How to improve your quality of sleep then? Here are some helpful pointers…

1) Get a good BED!
Recently I bought a set of mattress pad/quilt and pillow which has given me more quality sleep at night. I will look to post more of this product in the near future. Must share the good things in life!

2) Quietness
Busy city often equates to noisy city as well. Are you sleeping in a quiet environment? Switch off the television, radio and laptops. No unnecessary noise to disturb you

3) Sleeping Time
Do you know that your body goes into repair mode during the night as early as 11pm. If you sleep way past the time the body needs to start repairing, how then can your body rest and repair well. Late night sleeping (even with enough hours) often produce the same lethargy. So SLEEP at the RIGHT TIME!

4) Stress Free (Or at least as low level as possible):
Clear your work on time. Take time to do relaxing stuffs before you sleep. Keep your mind off all the stress, work, or worries. Cruel Fact: But if you find that your work consumes a lot of your time, and you do not enjoy it at all, it is time for you to consider changing career.

This brings up the topic of productivity. It is closely related to the issue of Quality of Sleep, which is getting the right results within a shorter period of time. Everything goes around in a vicious cycle. It’s either to make it a positive one or negative one.

Sleep late/Poorly – Body fail to repair properly – Lethargy – No mood to work – Work Slower – Slower Results – Higher Stress – Work Longer – Sleep Late/poorly again

Sleep Early/Well – Body repairs well through the night – Refreshed! – Good level of concentration at work – Work efficiently – Better Results – Time for Leisure/non-work related stuff – Balanced stress level – Continue to Sleep Early / Well

Make Sense? It seems pretty clear to me.


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