Our Blood affects our Quality of our Lives

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Today’s post is a very special one. The pictures you will see below are real. They are not pictures of my blood, but they are of various people who has shown various problems their bodies were facing.

**NOTE: I do have pictures of my own, which I have taken, but I will leave another day because this post is to educate people about how important our blood has to be clean in order to lead a better life.

Looking closely into our blood cells can tell a story of our current existing life that we are leading now. Below are some pictures that I have taken while attending a product seminar a month ago. It has shown me different knowledge and perspective in terms of living well. In the modern era, we live in a complicated world. Our environment is filled with so much uncertainty. Our air is different from what available many years ago with all the air pollution going on. Our food is so much different with so many genetically altered products, fast food, instant packaging food etc. Our working lives are different as well – Some work in factories that are constantly exposed to radiation, chemicals and/or gas.

Many of these “strange” elements are being absorbed, eaten, drank or breathe into our bodies every single day! And once it enters into our body, how does it escape out? Can they? They are being trapped into our bodies and imagine what harm can be done overtime! Just think, younger people are getting strange diseases these days. Cancer is a disease so common among people living the cities like Singapore. Obesity is another problematic area.

Each picture tells us something about your blood, about your body. Here are some issues that some people faced.

Acidic Blood
















Cells that are attacked by Free Radicals (Radiation typically by usage of Handphones)



Blood Cells attacked by Toxins! Gases from Cars’ exhaust pipes, Factories etc














Stress Crystal. The black line that is being “drawn” across even shows your stress level!


























See the 3 “white” cells that are close to each other. This is a sign that the person has an allergic to something. However, it can’t tell exactly what he/she is allergic to.














Signs that your liver ain’t in the best condition. Look at the shape of the cells and clearness of the picture – Its dim.














Synthetic Toxins. What I heard, this person works in a printing factory for years. Look at how much chemicals were accumulated in his blood!


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