Blood Test (on 1st June 2012)

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Continuing on my post on the blood test, the above 4 pictures I have attached were my own blood cells. I visited Rev 22 on 1st June 2012. I got to know the lady owner from a networking event and was very much interested to know more about her product.

After her introduction, she prompted me to take this blood test (which I was game). Through the initial conversation, she showed me a couple of other cases. I thought I was healthy enough. I thought my blood would be much cleaner than those I saw.

Well, the above pictures show it all. It doesn’t need a brilliant pair of eyes to know that the 4 pictures on top ain’t looking very good.

  • They are congested together (showing signs that the blood do not regenerate itself well enough)
  • A “black” line was seen (showings signs of stress)
  • A big black patch among my cells (That’s a big lump of cholesterol – NOT GOOD!)

There are a couple more pictures, but I attached only these 4.  You can say that I am surprised to see this. Seeing pictures of other person’s blood cell is nothing comparable to seeing your very own cells. The next thought was “Could this product really improve my current situation?”. I did not have any medical condition nor history. I was considered healthy and fit in the eyes of many. I long knew I wanted to invest in a good sleeping bed/system. I wanted my sleep to be good and perfect. Could this product solve my problem?

Well, the price of her product ain’t cheap. She did not force sell at all. I had time to consider. However, I must say that the session did educate me a lot more about myself. I did what I had to do. I went back and strongly consider investing in this product.


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