Cleaning of Blood in just 6 weeks!

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What is the main functions of our blood?

  • Transport Oxygen: From lungs to other parts of our body
  • Transport Nutrients: From food to other parts of our body
  • Transport waste: To be processed at our kidney/liver
  • Maintain our body temperature through blood circulation

That is how important our blood is. However, our blood can be “infected” by the food, air and many environmental factors like radiation from our electrical items, car exhaust, work & family stress. The list goes on….

With poor circulation, you feel fatigue, exhausted, because oxygen cannot be circulated to your body parts as efficient. With poor transfer of nutrients, you either become too thin or too fat. Either you can’t absorb the right nutrients well, or you absorb unwanted “rubbish” into your body. If your kidney or liver is stressed by all the dirty stuffs that’s in your body, fatigue sets in, poor sleep and general productivity dips.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that our blood is maintained as clean as possible. Here’s my case scenario (dated 1 June 2012):

Picture 1:

It was a sign of me pretty dehydrated and signs of poor circulation.







Picture 2:

Can you see that some cells look blurry in the background? It was signs that my cells were not healthy. It was breaking down too easy or my bone marrow was not producing enough healthy cells.






Picture 3:

On the right of the picture, can you see a huge greenish patch? Guess what, of a person at my age, I have such huge cholesterol patch there! Talk about being healthy on the outside but not enough healthy on the inside.






What I did? I bought a sleeping system (mattress pad, quilt, pillow). And after 6 weeks?!

Picture 1:

You could see that my blood is much “nicer looking” here. Nice, clear rounded cells.







Picture 2:

With only 6 weeks, it is not the end. Could you see that some cells are “bottle-cap” like shape? Those means it is attacked by free radical. Radiation from our handphones, electrical appliances that we come in contact so often.

However, the general outlook is still much clearer. No blurry patches.





Picture 3:

Again, this picture is definitely more clearer, although there are some signs of lumpy cells at the left side of the picture.







Personally, it is an amazing feeling. First to see how bad I was in the beginning, and after 6 weeks of using the sleeping system, how it helped to clean my blood better. Health and Fitness encompasses various factors, from exercising well, eating well, it includes very much sleeping well.

This is what I believed all along and I have finally found one that could address my sleep and my health at the same time. Prevention is much better than cure. Want to know how you could start doing prevention and keep your general health in check, contact me! I am most willing to share with you. I want to help. But the question is, are you willing to help yourself?


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