Positive or Negative Cycle?

December 10, 2012 at 8:53 am | Posted in Fitness, Let's Eat, Think Right, Act Right | Leave a comment




Its been a very long time since my last post here. Through this period, I was very busy with my work that I was travelling here and there practically almost everyday. Each day is filled with different workloads or decision making to do. Stress level was manageable but my body was feeling the stretch of things.

However, what I realized through this period was this…

  • A good positive action will lead to another positive action and soon a positive vicious cycle can be created. Vice Versa applies. 

During this busy period, I reduced my exercising workout to almost nil in between two of the weeks. It has been a long time since I led through any sort of “lull” period. I realized that my cravings for junk food increases! I was looking out for fast food restaurants, ice-creams etc. I was giving myself extra excuse not to squeeze in time to exercise. Any free time was simply spent on resting. I realized one action lead to another. As a result, I became feeling worse, extra fatigue and lethargic. My belly was proof of my actions! Arghhhhh….

I knew I had to take actions soon. As the workload ease off a bit, I had to restart my exercising regime. My body has to be re-introduce to the rigors of the previous exercises I was doing. I had to start afresh. What I realized strangely was this, whenever I exercise, I look forward to eat cleaner food! I soon found a pattern in this and now I’m looking to correct my previous wrongs.

Its strange but true. Will it apply to you as well? Try it and look to continue that good cycle of actions and thoughts. Persist over a period of time and notice if there’s any changes. Let me know 🙂



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