Positive or Negative Cycle?

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Its been a very long time since my last post here. Through this period, I was very busy with my work that I was travelling here and there practically almost everyday. Each day is filled with different workloads or decision making to do. Stress level was manageable but my body was feeling the stretch of things.

However, what I realized through this period was this…

  • A good positive action will lead to another positive action and soon a positive vicious cycle can be created. Vice Versa applies. 

During this busy period, I reduced my exercising workout to almost nil in between two of the weeks. It has been a long time since I led through any sort of “lull” period. I realized that my cravings for junk food increases! I was looking out for fast food restaurants, ice-creams etc. I was giving myself extra excuse not to squeeze in time to exercise. Any free time was simply spent on resting. I realized one action lead to another. As a result, I became feeling worse, extra fatigue and lethargic. My belly was proof of my actions! Arghhhhh….

I knew I had to take actions soon. As the workload ease off a bit, I had to restart my exercising regime. My body has to be re-introduce to the rigors of the previous exercises I was doing. I had to start afresh. What I realized strangely was this, whenever I exercise, I look forward to eat cleaner food! I soon found a pattern in this and now I’m looking to correct my previous wrongs.

Its strange but true. Will it apply to you as well? Try it and look to continue that good cycle of actions and thoughts. Persist over a period of time and notice if there’s any changes. Let me know 🙂



Invest in Yourself

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Stocks? Gold? Studies? Children?

It is a common term that people talk about. What is it out there that one should invest in? It is not surprising if one immediately links investing to something money related.

You could buy stocks in the hope that the prices rises to be sold at a profit. You could invest time and effort in your studies so that you could land that dream job that pays you well. You might even invest in your children, hoping that when you are old, they will in turn repay their gratitude back, taking care of you.

However, who has ever thought of investing in your very own health? You will definitely receive its benefits and reduce any unwanted costs as well. Why do I say so?

I have yet to hear anyone telling me that investing in health (Proper Exercise & Eating Plan) is harmful. Exercise helps to improve your stamina, increase work productivity which in turn will help in your career as well. Benefits are achieved. Taking care of health reduces visits to doctors, risks of major diseases, thus lower hospital/ surgical/recovery costs. You reduce costs as well. But most importantly, you live a better life!

So think again next time when you hear the word “investing”…

Foam Roller

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Stretching is very important. It is important right after your workout. It is to relax your muscles and enable it to recover better. More importantly, stretching is to maintain its flexibility so as to prevent unnecessary injuries. If you ever started a soccer game or a sprint without any prior warm up, you know what it felt by the sudden tightness of your muscles and/or a twitch feeling that you might have “pulled” it.

Foam Roller is one equipment you could purchase to improve your flexibility/stretching. As shown in the picture, you are to roll different parts of your body on top of the foam roller in order to “stretch” it. For those who are wondering how is the feeling like. Well, if  you have gone to experience Thai massage, the feeling is almost the same.

Many who tried it for the first time might scream out loud of the pain it produces, especially the one depict in the picture above. The picture shows of a man who is stretching his IT band. Our IT band is often neglected because by the usual way of stretching, it is hard to reach/activate. Using the foam roller is a very good way of stretching your IT band. For some who have some knee or hamstring issues, I have had players whose main problem came from an inflexible IT band. Our body muscles are all inter-connected. One inflexible muscle will cause other muscle to overcompensate (which means overwork), which means increase risks of injuries.

There are various kinds of foam rollers around. You can purchase them mainly online through ebay or else locally some gyms do sell them. It will one of the best investments you will ever make to improve your flexibility.

Ways to keep fit

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We have our own set of preferences. When it comes to keep fit, I would agree with this that we have our own preferred activities to keep ourselves fit. Some opt to run. They would buy a pair of good running shoes and attire where they can head down to their nearest park or reservoir to run. Locally, there are many public runs. At these events, they make use of the chance to run with their family or friends or with many strangers together with a common goal in mind.

Some opt to play sports. Some hate the idea of running (I do…). They find it boring and monotonous. They rather grab a racket or ball sport where they can socialize with their friends while having a good fun at the same time. From the popular sports like Soccer, tennis, badminton or table tennis, these are some sports you can choose to do so as well.

For those who are not aware, I involved in the sport of Floorball. Heard of it? Often, I do this to describe Floorball. It is like an indoor version of Hockey. There is the use of stick and ball like hockey, but of different equipment. Smaller area of play but with a rink to make game play as continuous as possible. Locally, it is a very popular sport among the school community. In fact, Singapore is doing well in the Asia region. Our national team is among the best in Asia.

Well, at the end of the day, no matter what you choose to do, at least do something. Active is getting yourself to participate in some activities. Do more, sit less. Be it just a slow walk at the park, doing housework right at home, something is better than nothing at all. Keep your body fit, your body will in turn treat you better.

Client – Sentill’s Workout Clip

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Below is a previous video clip I took of one of my earliest client, Sentill. Though some of his execution could be done better, mainly observe how I get him to:

  • Move in different directions. This works on his movement coordination and improves his lower body strength to protect his knees.
  • Execute efficient exercises. Meaning, at one point of time, he is working on different muscles groups. Example, his quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, calves.
  • Intervals training. Observe that he was actually quite breathless at some point of time. He had specific amount of time to rest after each exercise. This touches the aspect of cardiovascular function. His heart is working!
I hope to be able to post more sample videos of my client’s workout (provided they allow me to do so… ). Enjoy 😀



Why Flexibility is important?

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Fitness is not just strength, speed and agility. Flexibility is as important as the previous areas. When you look to build up muscle, you would hope that your muscles are flexibility enough to stretch, to carry and produce force without it “braking” right? When you look to sprint fast, would you want your muscles to be tight or it is flexible enough such that its range of motion can assist you to run faster?

Flexible exercises are often overlooked by many of all ages. This ought to be educated and practice from young. You should know why it is important that proper flexibility exercises ought to be carried out.


  • Improve your range of motion
  • Enable faster recovery after your workout
  • It is a relaxation exercise for your muscle
  • Prevent unnecessary injuries
  • Improve your game

Beginner Burpees Challenge

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1) Do a Burpees
2) Once up to your feet, execute a vertical jump! Up as high as possible

Challenge is to complete the 50 reps as fast as possible!
Remember to do your warm up prior to the Challenge!

Reduce waist fat = Crunches, Crunches & more Crunches!???

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Wrong! Eliminate the usual thinking of doing thousands and thousands of crunches or sit-ups in order to lose the fats around your waistline. Our body works in a different way. One thing for sure, you cannot (YES, You Can’t!) tell your body which part (arms, stomach, thighs etc) to lose fats. Your body will lose it IF you carry out a good, intensive overall body workout.

There is a common misconception that in order to lose my fats around my tummy area, I have to do exercises like sit-ups and crunches. First thing first, many people I see around doing crunches or sit-ups are already doing it the wrong way. What’s worse (and it’s a fact), doing crunches or sit-ups is of little/no help in shredding waistline fats.

Our abdominal are already there in the first place. What’s covering it is layers of excess fats that we have accumulate over the years.  Crunches / sit-ups are not effective. To build up good abdominal strength (Your Core), do plenty of isometric exercises like Plank variations, Squat Hold etc.

So, what should you do today in order to shred your fats?

In terms of Exercises:
–          Focus and work on the major muscles group of your body: Thighs, Chest, Back
–          Carry out a total body workout

In terms of Diet:
–          Reduce your sugar intake (Less soft drinks, less sugar to your coffee/tea)
–          Reduce your oily, fatty food (Less fast food, fried food, cookies)

If you are looking to do something positive to your tummy, feel free to CONTACT ME today!
Look forward to hear from you 🙂 

Lose Fat in 30 Secs!

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This method may sound strange. It is definitely not going to substitute your exercise or proper eating regime. But it helps a bit. Have you ever went to a swimming pool and dreaded to go down the water because of the cold? That is precisely what I want to simulate when you are bathing right in your house.

This came from a source that I read before. When we first jump into the pool, with the sudden rush of cold water that we come in contact, our body has to react to it and thus we shiver (This feels familiar right). Well, this shivering process will last within seconds before we are accustomed to the temperature of the pool. What was mentioned is that when the body comes in sudden contact with cold and starts to shiver, it activates our inner body fats, burning them off in the process. This is done because the body needs to be protected from the cold.

Thus, the idea here is that occasionally or everyday after our nice, warm bath, embrace yourself with a 30-second rush of cold water . Turn down the temperature and “enjoy” for 30-seconds. It is said to help. There is no harm trying. Anyway, it is just merely 30 seconds right J

Remember, the best way is still to exercise and eat healthily. There is no substitution on that!

Let’s get YOUR exercise regime started. CONTACT ME today for more discussion!

Exercise by the Park

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1) 400m Run
2) 5 Pull Ups + 10 Push Ups + 15 Walking Lunges + 20 Squats
3) 800m Run
4) 10 Pull Ups + 15 Diamond Push Ups + 20 Walking Lunges + 25 Squats Kick
5) 1200m Run
6) 15 Pull Ups + 20 Wide Push Ups + 25 Walking Lunges + 30 Jumping Squats
7) 1600m Run
7) 20 Pull Ups + 25 Push Ups + 30 Walking Lunges + 35 Sumo Squats


In total, you will run 4 Km, 120 reps upper body workout, 210 reps lower body workout
With minimal rest. Aim to complete it in the short possible time.

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