Create the Perfect Relationship

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Nothing drops from the sky. We all have to work for it. Start with your relationship with your loved ones!

It is not uncommon for us to see a person expect something unrealistic from his/her other half. Some take things for granted as time pass by. Receive is all they want, but give is what they might have neglected. For two to come together, it is already a miracle in the first place. To maintain it, it takes a good, cold hard reality to realize it. It takes action, time, patience, acceptance etc. Nothing is given. We all have to work for it.

I agree with this phrase. There is no perfect partner, but both persons can create the perfect relationship.


Enjoy the Lesson of Life

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A strong lesson about LIFE. Nothing is perfect. We can’t have everything all at once. Are you enjoying what you do? Are you enjoying the people you are with? Are you enjoying the process of living your life?

The way I interpret this is as follows:
It does not mean we can just slag off with life and just enjoy without working hard nor pursuing our dreams. What I see is, it is teaching us not to be too embroiled with what you are pursuing at that moment that we neglect the other goodness of life we ought to enjoy.

– Are we taking care of our bodies since young so that when we are old, we still have the capacity to enjoy our fruits of labour.
– Are we loving, caring and cherishing our loved ones besides us such that we used the power of love to achieve more things in other parts of our lives?
– Are we actively learning, growing and experiencing different things so that we are equipped to face the ever-changing challenges in life?
– Are we managing our time well to balance work, family and fun?

I take it in a positive note, that once you “enjoy” the right things in life, life will pay you back well.

Where is the happiness without the feeling of Pain?

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Everyone wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. 

Without experiencing pain, would you understand the feeling of happiness. Without experiencing the lows in life, would you appreciate the feeling when you are up there at the top? Nothing comes easy in life in almost every aspect. The cruel fact is this…

– To enjoy the fruits of labour, you have to put in the effort.
– Putting in effort might not allow you to enjoy the fruits of labour.

Nonetheless, should this stop you from accepting the challenges and obstacles that comes along your way? Embrace them. Conquer them with bravery and one day, you might just get that nice, juicy fruit that you have always hope for.

Unlearn to Learn

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Unlearn to Learn: This might be a new quote you need to constantly remind yourself to improve yourself. 

Although the words from the pictures came from different wise men, but read it a few times, they expresses similar meanings. We learn new things everyday. However, with the advancement of technology and a person going through different phrases in life, some learning from the past might not be applicable in the future. How now brown cow?

Are you able to unlearn those that are not useful and put in the effort to learn and accept new things? Some can’t. I have seen it. Can you?

5 simple rules of Happiness

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Live Happily through 5 simple Rules. You deserve it.

Some live their lives with hatred, some live with loads of regret. Some never had “happy” in their dictionary of words before. Why bring yourself through a life of agony when you can live with a much happier heart.

The pictures depicts five simple rules. Let me talk about the 4th point, Give More. Some expects to receive before they are willing to give. Well, think of it this way, if everyone waits for others to give to them, then it equates to no one receiving it at all. However, reverse the situation, if everyone is willing to give to others, then it is a lot more different.

It is strange but yet amazing. Try it if you have not felt this feeling for a long time. Get a chance to give / contribute /provide value for people around you. Be it just giving a seat to an elderly person, helping your mum retrieve the washed clothings or even just saying “Thanks” when you have the chance. Doing it more frequently, you might find a different “YOU” 😀

Think Positive. Nothing less.

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It is True: Think Positively, then Positive things will happen to you… Sooner or later. 

In face of uncertainty or variables of unknowns, it is common for one to feel a sense of insecurity. It is common for one to think of a worse case scenario. It happens to most of us, including myself. 

But what I have found at times is this…

Sometimes, think things through a positive mind, it will produce something positive as well. Actions of one person starts with the mind. Its like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Try it. And oh by the way, don’t expect positive results to happen straight away. Sometimes it takes a little more time than expected. 🙂

First a Habit, Next a Lifestyle

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Create first a good habit, next push on to create a good lifestyle. 

I do not know how accurate 21 days and 90 days are in terms of creating a habit and lifestyle respectively. But I do agree that you definitely need consistency and time to create it. We often heard saying like, “from now on, I will change in this and that…”, but come the week after, he is back to his former self. Not forgetting a few weeks, he repeats the same cycle again. These are typical cases where years later, he is still the same old self. 


Creating a good habit/lifestyle can be in terms of being more hardworking in his/her work, be more health conscious in their diet, or simply relationship building with your loved ones. Take the effort, time and CONSISTENCY to build it up to be part of your lifestyle. Or else, as times moves by, you might not be moving at all. 

One day it will all make sense

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One Day, it will all make sense. What you have gone through was all about preparing yourself to achieve something down the road. 

Do you often find yourself in certain situation where you feel utterly s%&^? You hate the situation, you hate the people around you. You hate yourself. You do not understand why you have to go through such difficult obstacles while you see others breeze through life. Do you? Well, I do at times. 

But I have always kept the belief that what I have gone through is part of my life journey to reach a point which I am still walking towards. Each problems becomes challenges to overcome. Each uncertainty becomes beliefs that it will all turn out well. Like they say, everything happens for a reason. See things in a more positive way, perhaps you can achieve much more positive returns as a result. 

Discipline – Between Dreams and Reality

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“The Distance between Dreams and Reality is called Discipline”

Some people achieve, while others stays the same despite having huge dreams that they repeat from time to time. What is the difference? Discipline. 

Those with discipline turns dreams into reality through action. Despite all the ups and downs, they make sure they do their best to carry them out. Moving forward, even if its just a small step, they are always ahead to those who do not act.

Do you have the discipline to turn your dreams into reality?

Talent counts more with Effort

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“Talent counts.. But Talent without effort may end up with nothing…”

Michael Jordon could be considered as one of the top NBA stars ever in the history. No one could ever doubt his talent and ability. However, who knows that he was actually rejected by his university basketball team in his sophomore year for being too short (He was 1.80m at that time.. )

Not giving up, he trained hard and proved his game in the junior squad and progress into the main squad. Needless to say, the career achievement was there to see. Despite being a top scorer for the team, he contributes to the defensive side of the game. He was named NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 1988 and a 9-time NBA All Defensive First Team. 

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