Positive or Negative Cycle?

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Its been a very long time since my last post here. Through this period, I was very busy with my work that I was travelling here and there practically almost everyday. Each day is filled with different workloads or decision making to do. Stress level was manageable but my body was feeling the stretch of things.

However, what I realized through this period was this…

  • A good positive action will lead to another positive action and soon a positive vicious cycle can be created. Vice Versa applies. 

During this busy period, I reduced my exercising workout to almost nil in between two of the weeks. It has been a long time since I led through any sort of “lull” period. I realized that my cravings for junk food increases! I was looking out for fast food restaurants, ice-creams etc. I was giving myself extra excuse not to squeeze in time to exercise. Any free time was simply spent on resting. I realized one action lead to another. As a result, I became feeling worse, extra fatigue and lethargic. My belly was proof of my actions! Arghhhhh….

I knew I had to take actions soon. As the workload ease off a bit, I had to restart my exercising regime. My body has to be re-introduce to the rigors of the previous exercises I was doing. I had to start afresh. What I realized strangely was this, whenever I exercise, I look forward to eat cleaner food! I soon found a pattern in this and now I’m looking to correct my previous wrongs.

Its strange but true. Will it apply to you as well? Try it and look to continue that good cycle of actions and thoughts. Persist over a period of time and notice if there’s any changes. Let me know 🙂



Cleaning of Blood in just 6 weeks!

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What is the main functions of our blood?

  • Transport Oxygen: From lungs to other parts of our body
  • Transport Nutrients: From food to other parts of our body
  • Transport waste: To be processed at our kidney/liver
  • Maintain our body temperature through blood circulation

That is how important our blood is. However, our blood can be “infected” by the food, air and many environmental factors like radiation from our electrical items, car exhaust, work & family stress. The list goes on….

With poor circulation, you feel fatigue, exhausted, because oxygen cannot be circulated to your body parts as efficient. With poor transfer of nutrients, you either become too thin or too fat. Either you can’t absorb the right nutrients well, or you absorb unwanted “rubbish” into your body. If your kidney or liver is stressed by all the dirty stuffs that’s in your body, fatigue sets in, poor sleep and general productivity dips.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that our blood is maintained as clean as possible. Here’s my case scenario (dated 1 June 2012):

Picture 1:

It was a sign of me pretty dehydrated and signs of poor circulation.







Picture 2:

Can you see that some cells look blurry in the background? It was signs that my cells were not healthy. It was breaking down too easy or my bone marrow was not producing enough healthy cells.






Picture 3:

On the right of the picture, can you see a huge greenish patch? Guess what, of a person at my age, I have such huge cholesterol patch there! Talk about being healthy on the outside but not enough healthy on the inside.






What I did? I bought a sleeping system (mattress pad, quilt, pillow). And after 6 weeks?!

Picture 1:

You could see that my blood is much “nicer looking” here. Nice, clear rounded cells.







Picture 2:

With only 6 weeks, it is not the end. Could you see that some cells are “bottle-cap” like shape? Those means it is attacked by free radical. Radiation from our handphones, electrical appliances that we come in contact so often.

However, the general outlook is still much clearer. No blurry patches.





Picture 3:

Again, this picture is definitely more clearer, although there are some signs of lumpy cells at the left side of the picture.







Personally, it is an amazing feeling. First to see how bad I was in the beginning, and after 6 weeks of using the sleeping system, how it helped to clean my blood better. Health and Fitness encompasses various factors, from exercising well, eating well, it includes very much sleeping well.

This is what I believed all along and I have finally found one that could address my sleep and my health at the same time. Prevention is much better than cure. Want to know how you could start doing prevention and keep your general health in check, contact me! I am most willing to share with you. I want to help. But the question is, are you willing to help yourself?

Our Blood affects our Quality of our Lives

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Today’s post is a very special one. The pictures you will see below are real. They are not pictures of my blood, but they are of various people who has shown various problems their bodies were facing.

**NOTE: I do have pictures of my own, which I have taken, but I will leave another day because this post is to educate people about how important our blood has to be clean in order to lead a better life.

Looking closely into our blood cells can tell a story of our current existing life that we are leading now. Below are some pictures that I have taken while attending a product seminar a month ago. It has shown me different knowledge and perspective in terms of living well. In the modern era, we live in a complicated world. Our environment is filled with so much uncertainty. Our air is different from what available many years ago with all the air pollution going on. Our food is so much different with so many genetically altered products, fast food, instant packaging food etc. Our working lives are different as well – Some work in factories that are constantly exposed to radiation, chemicals and/or gas.

Many of these “strange” elements are being absorbed, eaten, drank or breathe into our bodies every single day! And once it enters into our body, how does it escape out? Can they? They are being trapped into our bodies and imagine what harm can be done overtime! Just think, younger people are getting strange diseases these days. Cancer is a disease so common among people living the cities like Singapore. Obesity is another problematic area.

Each picture tells us something about your blood, about your body. Here are some issues that some people faced.

Acidic Blood
















Cells that are attacked by Free Radicals (Radiation typically by usage of Handphones)



Blood Cells attacked by Toxins! Gases from Cars’ exhaust pipes, Factories etc














Stress Crystal. The black line that is being “drawn” across even shows your stress level!


























See the 3 “white” cells that are close to each other. This is a sign that the person has an allergic to something. However, it can’t tell exactly what he/she is allergic to.














Signs that your liver ain’t in the best condition. Look at the shape of the cells and clearness of the picture – Its dim.














Synthetic Toxins. What I heard, this person works in a printing factory for years. Look at how much chemicals were accumulated in his blood!

Lose Quality Sleep, You lose Productivity

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We all live in a busy city. We have heard this phrase, “The City never sleeps”. Does it mean we, humans do not sleep as well?

In my older post (https://fitnessthree60.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/how-many-hours-to-sleep/), I mentioned about how many hours you as an individual ought to sleep. I hope you do get a sufficient number of sleeping hours each day. Now, I’m going to talk about the importance of the quality of sleep.

Have you ever woke up after long hours of sleep, but still feel lethargic? I hope not.
Have you ever had a “power nap” for 15 minutes and feel super refreshed? I hope you do.

You see, there is also this common phrase, “Quality over Quantity”. If you can get the best results within a shorter time, that’s quality. How to improve your quality of sleep then? Here are some helpful pointers…

1) Get a good BED!
Recently I bought a set of mattress pad/quilt and pillow which has given me more quality sleep at night. I will look to post more of this product in the near future. Must share the good things in life!

2) Quietness
Busy city often equates to noisy city as well. Are you sleeping in a quiet environment? Switch off the television, radio and laptops. No unnecessary noise to disturb you

3) Sleeping Time
Do you know that your body goes into repair mode during the night as early as 11pm. If you sleep way past the time the body needs to start repairing, how then can your body rest and repair well. Late night sleeping (even with enough hours) often produce the same lethargy. So SLEEP at the RIGHT TIME!

4) Stress Free (Or at least as low level as possible):
Clear your work on time. Take time to do relaxing stuffs before you sleep. Keep your mind off all the stress, work, or worries. Cruel Fact: But if you find that your work consumes a lot of your time, and you do not enjoy it at all, it is time for you to consider changing career.

This brings up the topic of productivity. It is closely related to the issue of Quality of Sleep, which is getting the right results within a shorter period of time. Everything goes around in a vicious cycle. It’s either to make it a positive one or negative one.

Sleep late/Poorly – Body fail to repair properly – Lethargy – No mood to work – Work Slower – Slower Results – Higher Stress – Work Longer – Sleep Late/poorly again

Sleep Early/Well – Body repairs well through the night – Refreshed! – Good level of concentration at work – Work efficiently – Better Results – Time for Leisure/non-work related stuff – Balanced stress level – Continue to Sleep Early / Well

Make Sense? It seems pretty clear to me.

The idea of “Givers Gain”

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Through a Business Associates network meeting (where people from different industries meet regularly to exchange business ideas/contacts), I first came in contact with this phrase of “Givers Gain”. What is the main message here?

The main point here is to be generous in GIVING. Give in terms of:

  • Time: Spend the time to listen and understand what other people’s challenges are. Who knows, you might have the resources and ability to help solve them
  • Effort: If you have the ability, resources or contacts, are you willing to spend the effort to help make it happen? Sometimes a simple call is all you need to help 2 or more parties to get things work done in half the time.
  • Money: Well, not all situations must involve money. So what I’m saying here is not to forsake your hard earned money.

What I realize is this…

  • Scenario 1: If everyone waits to receive before he gives…
  • Scenario 2: If everyone gives before he receives…

What will happen in Scenario 1 is that no one will receive anything since no one will give in the first place. However, in scenario 2, you can be sure at least a person gets to receive (because someone choose to give first). This need not be a direct give and receive situation where it involves just 2 parties. What I’m saying is, if in general, everyone chooses to give first, this becomes a very dynamic and powerful situation. Everyone is helping Everyone. It will create a positive spin of things and create many beautiful scenarios. With that, as a whole “Givers Gain” situation will occur.

Have a good thought about this… Let this be the day where you start giving 😀


Seek your Balance of Life

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We are born of diverse backgrounds. Some born with a silver spoon, some in harsher conditions. As we grow up and experienced different people, situations, our personality changes. Our lives are being carved out gradually.

Some chose the simple route. Some a bit more adventurous. At the end of the day, it is your life to live. Question is, is it the kind of life you wish to live? Is it a balanced one? Many I often heard various phrases like:

  • I have no choice
  • I can’t afford to do so
  • Its so uncertain
  • Oh well, its been already like this for so many years. Why change?
  • I can’t
These are typical of us when we blamed/complain that we can’t lead the kind of life we would like to. Time goes by, year by year and many still remain the same.


Work and Family (Home) is often the two situations in conflict. One work more, earn more but lack of time for family/relationship. One focus on developing relationship/family ties may forgo the progression in his/her career. Do one need to go to the extremes? Why not find the balance that is optimum to keep both sides of the coins happy.

I feel both issues are closely inter-related. Take this simple example. I build a good relationship with my family. My family offers great support in career. I can focus on my career in a productive manner. Career can improve. With career improvement, it might means more time and more money. These can then be a good basis to maintain your relationship with family.

What I see is a vicious cycle. Either positive or negative. You can replace some of the above words to make it negative. That’s how the good becomes better, while the bad becomes worse. Actively work on all fronts to improve the lives of others, in return, your life will become better. Now, I don’t mean that doing so is easy. It takes time, great effort and determination. Question is are you willing to do so or will you be saying one of the typical phrases above?

I can’t say I am in my ideal state now (I am still in my 20s), but I can say I am working towards my balance of life. I try not to use “I can’t”, “I have no choice” or “Why not do the easy way out”. As always, time will tell. Years down the road, I will probably reflect back to see whether the route(s) I chose was a right one.

Not Enough Sleeping will not help in Fat Loss

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I mentioned in previous articles that having sufficient sleep is important for your health in terms of work productivity, body regeneration and repair. But do you know if you do not sleep enough, it will have an adverse effect in your fat loss regime as well? Now, that’s another good reason for you to have enough sleep.

Our lives are busy and stressful. We are loaded with plenty of work at hand and always easily distracted by the many alternative entertainment around us. Clubbing at late nights, online games, online chatting, late night movies are some of the few examples. But what you might not know is, less sleep will retain your fats even more. Yes, being lazy by heading to bed earlier is actually a very important aspect to your health.

Now how does this work?

When you do not sleep enough at the previous night, do you feel super lethargic, alert level down to the max and you feel weak throughout the day. Hormones in your body are affected because of the lack of sleep and in turn it affects one’s appetite as well. In our body, we have hormones that control our appetite and alert to us when we are full. These very hormones will be affected when we are tired because of the lack of sleep.

The hormones will signal the body that it is weak and hungry. It tells the body that it has to eat more! You will crave for food and often than not, you will eat junk food, sweet stuffs in order to keep yourself awake. So what’s the morale of the story?

It is against the saying that sleeping is for the weaklings. In fact, weaklings probably do not sleep enough.

How many hours to sleep?

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In general, adults need approximately 7 to 9 hours. However, there is a range for a reason. It depends on the individual person. With the busy lifestyle that many adopt, often sleeping becomes a luxury rather than something basic. The sleeping patterns will vary from weekdays to weekends. Your body might not be able to adjust and adapt well.

One way to find out how much of sleep do you need:

1)      Set a standard timing where continuously everyday for 2 weeks you will wake up at that time. For example, you set at 9am. Everyday (including weekends) during the 2 weeks period, you wake up on time at 9am.

2)      Next, for the 2 weeks, head to bed by the time you feel tired.

3)      Continuously do this for a few days to a week, your body will slowly adjust to the wake up timing of 9am (for example).

4)      By the 2nd week, you would probably see a clearer pattern of the timing you need to sleep in order to wake up by 9am.

5)      Calculate the time difference. That could be the number of hours you need.

At the end of the day, it really depends person by person. Some may go by each day with 5 hours, while some others needs at least 10 hours. You got to find that optimum number in order not to sleep to little nor too much.

Sleep well and Exercise Hard. Feel free to CONTACT ME today to get started! 😀

Means to an End or End justify its Means?

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What is more important? The END result or the MEANS (process) towards achieving it?

Goal Setting is a common tool used by people towards achieving something. While it is a good tool, over-emphasis or overly obsessive over the goal might not be ideal in some cases.

Example: A student aiming to achieve “A” grade for his subject. If his goal is to achieve “A”, and any means justify this end, he could resort to cheating. Alternatively, over-obsessive over this grade might put him through “midnight oil” that he simply have low level of alertness on the day of exam.

Now, I’m not saying one should not be obsessive with the achievement they wish to get in life. If it wasn’t for obsessiveness, we would not have great sportsman like Michael Jordon.

What i’m saying instead is focus on the MEANS , the journey , the process towards achieving your END. Focus on the right mindset, Focus on the right behaviour, Focus on the treating people right, Focus on disciplining yourself to do some of the tedious, but yet important tasks.

DIY Acupressure

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Acupressure is a combination of “Acupuncture” and “Pressure”. Finding different point at our body, it could trigger an improvement, healing or relieving effect.

How to acupressure: Upon finding the right “spot”, one could use their thumb, knuckles or a tip of a pen to put a slight pressure following a rotation at the “spot” in a counter-clockwise direction. Do it at intervals of 30 secs to 1-min.


GV 26 – The point just between your upper lip and nose  

Appetite control point. It helps to control one’s appetite, thus avoid over-eating

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