4 Quick Combo Exercises

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Even though I used a lighter for this session, I can tell you, I was already breathless halfway through. Sometimes weight matters in a workout, but the interval you set can equally burn one person out as well. 


– Standing Quick Chest Press into Thruster (4.5kg x 2)
– Dumbbell Row into Quick Clean (4.5kg x 2)
– Skater Jumps
– Dynamic Pushups with Vertical Jump

50 Secs of Exercise / 10 Secs of Rest
3 Rounds
Complete in 12 Minutes

Cool Down Stretch:
– The GRID


Create the Perfect Relationship

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Nothing drops from the sky. We all have to work for it. Start with your relationship with your loved ones!

It is not uncommon for us to see a person expect something unrealistic from his/her other half. Some take things for granted as time pass by. Receive is all they want, but give is what they might have neglected. For two to come together, it is already a miracle in the first place. To maintain it, it takes a good, cold hard reality to realize it. It takes action, time, patience, acceptance etc. Nothing is given. We all have to work for it.

I agree with this phrase. There is no perfect partner, but both persons can create the perfect relationship.

Our Blood affects our Quality of our Lives

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Today’s post is a very special one. The pictures you will see below are real. They are not pictures of my blood, but they are of various people who has shown various problems their bodies were facing.

**NOTE: I do have pictures of my own, which I have taken, but I will leave another day because this post is to educate people about how important our blood has to be clean in order to lead a better life.

Looking closely into our blood cells can tell a story of our current existing life that we are leading now. Below are some pictures that I have taken while attending a product seminar a month ago. It has shown me different knowledge and perspective in terms of living well. In the modern era, we live in a complicated world. Our environment is filled with so much uncertainty. Our air is different from what available many years ago with all the air pollution going on. Our food is so much different with so many genetically altered products, fast food, instant packaging food etc. Our working lives are different as well – Some work in factories that are constantly exposed to radiation, chemicals and/or gas.

Many of these “strange” elements are being absorbed, eaten, drank or breathe into our bodies every single day! And once it enters into our body, how does it escape out? Can they? They are being trapped into our bodies and imagine what harm can be done overtime! Just think, younger people are getting strange diseases these days. Cancer is a disease so common among people living the cities like Singapore. Obesity is another problematic area.

Each picture tells us something about your blood, about your body. Here are some issues that some people faced.

Acidic Blood
















Cells that are attacked by Free Radicals (Radiation typically by usage of Handphones)



Blood Cells attacked by Toxins! Gases from Cars’ exhaust pipes, Factories etc














Stress Crystal. The black line that is being “drawn” across even shows your stress level!


























See the 3 “white” cells that are close to each other. This is a sign that the person has an allergic to something. However, it can’t tell exactly what he/she is allergic to.














Signs that your liver ain’t in the best condition. Look at the shape of the cells and clearness of the picture – Its dim.














Synthetic Toxins. What I heard, this person works in a printing factory for years. Look at how much chemicals were accumulated in his blood!

Super Quick Intense Less than 10 Min Workout

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I had to complete a super quick workout in order not to be late for work. I used 2 dumbbells, an exercise mat and a pull up bar at home. 


– Thruster (7kg x 2) (x3) into Dumbbell Pushup (x3)
– 5 Pull Ups

Little or No Rest in Between
3 Rounds
Complete within 10 Minutes

Fast Run + Stationary Exercises

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Finally a run! But I decided to combine a fast run along with some stationary exercises to make it tougher for me. Running alone, I will switch off my mind. 

Warm Up Run
Approx 600 Metres Run


– Pull Up x 10 Reps
– Wide Pushup x 10 Reps
– Diamond Pushup x 10 Reps
– Single Leg Squat (R) x 5 Reps
– Single Leg Squat (L) x 5 Reps
– Fast Run Approx 600 Metres

Complete 3 Rounds
Complete in approximately 30 Minutes.

Cool Down:
Stretching with SMRT Core Grid

Enjoy the Lesson of Life

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A strong lesson about LIFE. Nothing is perfect. We can’t have everything all at once. Are you enjoying what you do? Are you enjoying the people you are with? Are you enjoying the process of living your life?

The way I interpret this is as follows:
It does not mean we can just slag off with life and just enjoy without working hard nor pursuing our dreams. What I see is, it is teaching us not to be too embroiled with what you are pursuing at that moment that we neglect the other goodness of life we ought to enjoy.

– Are we taking care of our bodies since young so that when we are old, we still have the capacity to enjoy our fruits of labour.
– Are we loving, caring and cherishing our loved ones besides us such that we used the power of love to achieve more things in other parts of our lives?
– Are we actively learning, growing and experiencing different things so that we are equipped to face the ever-changing challenges in life?
– Are we managing our time well to balance work, family and fun?

I take it in a positive note, that once you “enjoy” the right things in life, life will pay you back well.

Let’s Burn the Calories!

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I was thinking of going down for my overhead bridge sprints. A change of mind made me carry this new 15-Minute Quick but intensive workout. It burns more on my back, because of so much engaging on my core. 

= 5-Count Pulse Squat (9kg)
= 3-Count Single Leg Deadlift Jump with Pushup (Left /Right)
= Alternate One-Hand Dumbbell Row (9kg) (Left/Right)
= Back Lunges With Shoulder Press into Side Hip Twist (9kg) (Left/Right)
= Plank into Pushup Hold into Plank
50 Secs of Exercise / 10 Secs of Rest
Complete in 15 Minutes

15-Minute Workout on Legs and Core

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This workout is much shorter than those I posted before. 15 Minutes was all I took to complete. Space needed? 2 Metres by 1 metre. Here goes… 

– Dumbbell Swing 9.5kg
– Gliding Disc Spiderman Pushup
– Single Leg Deadlift with Jumps (Right)
– Single Leg Deadlift with Jumps (Left)
– Plank

50 Secs of Exercise / 10 Secs of Rest
3 Rounds
Complete in 15 Mins

Lose Quality Sleep, You lose Productivity

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We all live in a busy city. We have heard this phrase, “The City never sleeps”. Does it mean we, humans do not sleep as well?

In my older post (https://fitnessthree60.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/how-many-hours-to-sleep/), I mentioned about how many hours you as an individual ought to sleep. I hope you do get a sufficient number of sleeping hours each day. Now, I’m going to talk about the importance of the quality of sleep.

Have you ever woke up after long hours of sleep, but still feel lethargic? I hope not.
Have you ever had a “power nap” for 15 minutes and feel super refreshed? I hope you do.

You see, there is also this common phrase, “Quality over Quantity”. If you can get the best results within a shorter time, that’s quality. How to improve your quality of sleep then? Here are some helpful pointers…

1) Get a good BED!
Recently I bought a set of mattress pad/quilt and pillow which has given me more quality sleep at night. I will look to post more of this product in the near future. Must share the good things in life!

2) Quietness
Busy city often equates to noisy city as well. Are you sleeping in a quiet environment? Switch off the television, radio and laptops. No unnecessary noise to disturb you

3) Sleeping Time
Do you know that your body goes into repair mode during the night as early as 11pm. If you sleep way past the time the body needs to start repairing, how then can your body rest and repair well. Late night sleeping (even with enough hours) often produce the same lethargy. So SLEEP at the RIGHT TIME!

4) Stress Free (Or at least as low level as possible):
Clear your work on time. Take time to do relaxing stuffs before you sleep. Keep your mind off all the stress, work, or worries. Cruel Fact: But if you find that your work consumes a lot of your time, and you do not enjoy it at all, it is time for you to consider changing career.

This brings up the topic of productivity. It is closely related to the issue of Quality of Sleep, which is getting the right results within a shorter period of time. Everything goes around in a vicious cycle. It’s either to make it a positive one or negative one.

Sleep late/Poorly – Body fail to repair properly – Lethargy – No mood to work – Work Slower – Slower Results – Higher Stress – Work Longer – Sleep Late/poorly again

Sleep Early/Well – Body repairs well through the night – Refreshed! – Good level of concentration at work – Work efficiently – Better Results – Time for Leisure/non-work related stuff – Balanced stress level – Continue to Sleep Early / Well

Make Sense? It seems pretty clear to me.

The idea of “Givers Gain”

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Through a Business Associates network meeting (where people from different industries meet regularly to exchange business ideas/contacts), I first came in contact with this phrase of “Givers Gain”. What is the main message here?

The main point here is to be generous in GIVING. Give in terms of:

  • Time: Spend the time to listen and understand what other people’s challenges are. Who knows, you might have the resources and ability to help solve them
  • Effort: If you have the ability, resources or contacts, are you willing to spend the effort to help make it happen? Sometimes a simple call is all you need to help 2 or more parties to get things work done in half the time.
  • Money: Well, not all situations must involve money. So what I’m saying here is not to forsake your hard earned money.

What I realize is this…

  • Scenario 1: If everyone waits to receive before he gives…
  • Scenario 2: If everyone gives before he receives…

What will happen in Scenario 1 is that no one will receive anything since no one will give in the first place. However, in scenario 2, you can be sure at least a person gets to receive (because someone choose to give first). This need not be a direct give and receive situation where it involves just 2 parties. What I’m saying is, if in general, everyone chooses to give first, this becomes a very dynamic and powerful situation. Everyone is helping Everyone. It will create a positive spin of things and create many beautiful scenarios. With that, as a whole “Givers Gain” situation will occur.

Have a good thought about this… Let this be the day where you start giving 😀


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