Ms Lim – Communications Professional

Ms Lim is one of my earliest client. Someone who is spontaneous, fun and bubbly, she is ever keen to learn and understand the area of fitness. Her improvements goes beyond just the physical aspects. These days, she is a much confident person and hope she can continue to be active for life!

“If you’re looking for a trainer who is patient, doesn’t yell at you as though you’re training for the army, yet produces results, Desmond would be the right person to go to. Not only does he make good assessments of one’s physical abilities, he also takes into consideration your mental state – readiness, strength, motivations etc. Desmond, unlike the too-eager-to-produce-physical-results trainer from hell, handles you as he would a friend so you’ll basically never dread PT – I’ve been training with him for 1.5years now and look forward to improving further, with his guidance. Highly recommended!”


Shubhankar DAM – Assistant Professor of Law, Singapore Management University ‘2007-Present’

Professor Dam was my first ever client after I got my fitness instructor certificate. Having prior back problems, it was my first challenge to ensure he do not aggravate his old injures. In fact I had to come up with various methods to help him in his flexibility. 

“Desmond is an excellent instructor, and a great motivator. He is adept at personalizing a fitness regime for you that is in sync with your goals, and particularly skilled at developing a program without relying on expensive equipments. But his greatest strength probably lies in making gym routine a fun experience for, one that you look forward to. And even outside the gym, he is only an email away from answers about your fitness queries. Highly recommended!”


Sentill Ananthan – Singapore Management University ‘2006-2011’

Sentill is a friend of mine who was game enough to last through 6 weeks of personal training with me. A passionate soccer fan, he had serious injuries to both his knees because of the sport years ago. Nonetheless, he wants to improve on his fitness in order to continue play the sport he loves. 

“I believe I have the priviledge of being one of Desmond’s first clients. As his guinea pig, he did it for me pro-bono. What struck me the most was how professional he was about the whole thing. If one is working pro-bono, it is very tempting to skive and take it easy. But credit to Desmond, he was always on the ball, even more so than me. Staying back longer than necessary and meeting more often than necessary was all in the game for him. I have 2 torn ACLs and 2 torn Meniscus. Desmond took it all in his stride to ensure workouts which kept me engaged and interested while ensuring my legs weren’t being over-exerted. Workouts were always changed to keep my interest up. To sum it up, Desmond’s someone you rarely come across nowadays. Desmond’s genuine interest is in serving his cleints’ needs which to him are his own.”


Edric Lin – Singapore Management University ‘2009-2013’

Edric always give 110% whether is it in training, games or in his studies. Humble and eager to learn, he was a good asset to the team when we played together. 

“Desmond contributed immensely towards the SMUfloorball team during his time in Singapore Management University. Under his supervision, the Men’s team attained high levels of fitness which eventually aided the team to clinching the championship of Singapore Floorball League Division 2.
His innovative fitness sessions were well-crafted and planned; combining intensity and fun in the workout routines. He was a dedicated fitness trainer who caters specifically to each individual’s physical conditions and requirements. Personally I really like his patient approach to the workouts where he will explain and demonstrate clearly how each exercise works. I would strongly recommend Desmond as a personal trainer to anyone who needs a good fitness routine.”


Tan Ruiwen – Singapore Management University ‘2009-2013’
President of SMU Floorball Club 2010-2011

Ruiwen has an outgoing personality with a passion to develop SMU Floorball to further heights! Always one of the most enthusiastic players in my group workout sessions. 

“Desmond is currently the trainer of the SMU Hunters- the male competitive floorball team in Singapore Management University. Under his guidance, the team was able to reach new heights of excellance, winning the National Division 2 tournament in 2010/2011. More importantly, he was able to get individual team members interested in physical fitness, where before they deemed it as a chore. 

He did this by ensuring variety in the types of exercises that the team did every session, keeping things interesting, but yet never sacrificing intensity. He spells out his training objective clearly before every session, so that every member of the team knows what he had to achieve for that session.”


Clive Kee –  Singapore Management University ‘2007-2011’

Clive and I were from the same batch of floorball players when we entered SMU. We have trained and played together for 4 years. Currently working with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), here’s what he has to say:

“Having trained under Desmond for a period of slightly more than a year, what struck me most was the creativity he injected into planning his training routines. The other point that stood out was the efficiency at which he likes to do his training. No time wasted at redundant stuff. Just a burst of good, fun workout and we are done for the day. He personifies his motto: Learn, practice, apply.”


Sophia Lin –  Graduate at BHP Billiton

Sophia is a friend of mine who needed help after she was working about 1 month into her first full-time job. She needed to kick-start a new regime to get her “engine” going. So my role was mainly to get her started, while impart knowledge on how she can plan and carry out her workout. 

“Desmond’s training plan really gave me a new perspective to working out in the gym. I used to think that working out with the machines would be more fun and interesting. But Desmond’s fitness plan involved mainly the use of weights and other simple equipment; it was like an easy & mobile workout plan that I could use anywhere out of the gym. An approachable and encouraging trainer, i would definitely recommend Desmond as a trainer to my peers! “


Mei Li – US Expat working in Singapore

Our meeting was by coincidence and it got off to a good start. She had this skeptical thought how can a young chap (referring to me of course) possibly give her a good workout. Well, my FREE TRIAL session simply blown her away. The rest was history. An independent women with strong ideas, I have learnt plenty of life lessons from her myself. Keen to train outdoors, we would carry out the workouts at the nearby park. 

“Mr. Desmond Tang was my personal trainer when I first arrived to Singapore. Although I have known Mr. Tang for a short time, I can confirm that he is very knowledgeable and reliable trainer. His workout style focused on perfect forms, slow control movement and high repetitions. Furthermore, Mr. Tang will extend his efforts to seek of new workout regimes to stimulate our training sessions. I always gained a super-effective workout under his training. In conclusion, his high-intensity strength training program delivered very positive results to my needs. Mr. Tang is one professional trainer I highly recommend.”


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